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We Provide Training to :
Staff of the Organization
Faculty members of any educational Organization

Employees of Enterprise and Company
To Engineers and Developers etc.. 



Our Experience says that more than 75 percent of all vulnerabilities discovered are at the application and server layer. And our experience shows that nine out of ten customers have at least one serious hole that could lead to customer data disclosure or total system compromise.Web and Application Penetration Testing and Vulnerability remediation service,We looks at a web site from the perspective of a malicious hacker and finds the holes before they can be exploited.

                                            WHAT WE DO...?   
We find holes in web sites and web application before the hackers do
We perform security quality assurance on web applications and web servers
We understand your risk and the  potential impact on your business
We actively transfer knowledge of testing techniques, issues, and enforce remediation with our customers
We charge when your vulnerabilities have been patched, your web application is safe from unethical hackers and you can sleep peacefully. Until then we stay awake!

Reach us to receive complimentary consultation on how our services (Web application penetration testing and vulnerability remediation service) can remove (not just mitigate) your website and web application threats




 Our group has developed and created a highly effective and efficient means to removing unwanted content from the Internet. We use our commercial relationships with social media and complaints or ripoff website publishers to get the content removed. Through the negative content removal service, We will contact the host web site and not only demand the immediate take down of the content, but will also explain to them the improper nature of the posting and the need for its immediate removal. We also demand and warn the offending sites that it may not, under any circumstances, repost, resubmit, or otherwise disseminate the offending information else threaten them with legal action.

Reputation repair principles

Our reputation management and privacy protection psychology is based on the 4 historical diplomatic principles of success:

1. 'saama', the process of pacifying
2. 'daana', the process of giving money in charity
3. 'bheda', the principle of dividing
4. 'danda', the principle of punishment

Besides we only work anonymously i.e. we never reveal that we are working for a particular client.

Website categories

  1. Rip Off Report
  2. Complaint sites
  3. Scam sites
  4. Better business beureu
  5. News Stories
  6. Product Reviews
  7. Blog Entries
  8. Forum Posts
  9. Online Videos
  10. Facebook Profiles
  11. And many more...


A computer security audit is a manual or systematic measurable technical assessment of a system or application. Manual assessments include interviewing staff, performing security vulnerability scans, reviewing application and operating system access controls, and analyzing physical access to the systems. Automated assessments, or Computer Assisted Auditing Techniques include system generated audit reports or using software to monitor and report changes to files and settings on a system. Systems can include personal computers, servers, mainframes, network routers, switches. Applications can include Web Services, Microsoft Project Central, Oracle Database.

Information Security Audit is further divided based on scope:

  • Website Audit
  • Network Audit
  • Physical Security Audit
  • Application Security Audit
  • Penetration Testing Audit

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